Our History: Women at St. Michael's

Women of St. Michael’s have played a vital role in parish life since its beginning. As early as the eighteenth century, women owned pews and had voting rights in parish affairs, and for three-quarters of a century have served in positions of authority on the Vestry and as wardens. The Parish Aid Society and St. Catherine’s Guild, with their roots in the early nineteenth century, have been forces of continuity, growth, and mission into the twenty-first century. It was the women of the parish who, in the nineteenth century, began its first church school, and, in 1950, acquired and staffed a separate building for that purpose. Women have been largely responsible for both of the parish halls erected in the 1800s and—led by the church’s Thrift Shop—the one in 1964 that succeeded these.

In the 1980s, the parish’s Needlework Guild provided more than twenty-one kneelers, and their work is featured in a published reference book on the subject.

Examples of the kneelers handcrafted by our Needlework Guild

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