Our History: Stained Glass Windows

The present stained glass windows, four each on the east and west walls, were crafted by Redding & Baird under the direction of the Rev. John Egbert and installed in 1888.

The second window from the rear of the church on the east wall, known as the Senate window, was presented to St. Michaelís by members of the General Court of Massachusetts through the efforts of Senate member Samuel Roads, Jr. Mr. Roads served St. Michaelís as its Parish Clerk and was Marbleheadís first historian, the author of The History and Traditions of Marblehead.

Also on the east wall is the Good Shepherd window funded by the Church School children and the Ascension window given in memory of William and Sallie Haskell. On the west wall are St. Michael, given by the parish in memory of Thomas Evans, whose bequest gave us our first endowed fund; Dorcas providing clothing to the poor, given in memory of a Parish Aid president Maria Appleton; and the Woman of Samaria, a symbol of evangelism. This last window was later dedicated to Ezekiel Russell, senior warden when the windows were first installed.

A series of newsletter articles on the windows was published in 2008-2009 with origins of their images and symbols, and information on the people memorialized. Color copies are available from the Church Office for $7.00.

The Good Shepherd


Senate Window

St. Michael


Woman of Samaria
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